• Paint Line Operator

    Labconco Corporation
    Job Description

    Labconco Corporation, a manufacturer of laboratory equipment, is seeking an experienced Paint Line Operator to Paint small to large scale laboratory products and equipment. 
    The general job requirements are listed below; however this is not an exhaustive list of the job duties.                                                                                                              

    • Have a basic knowledge and understanding of the powder coating system in use at Labconco and of the overall coating process.   
    • Set-up and operate the powder coating application equipment, ie, spray guns and booth. 
    • Use proper coating techniques to result in proper thickness and a high quality finish. 
    • Rework and repaint defective parts as needed.
    • Perform routine cleaning and maintenance on the various components of the coating system. 
    • Application equipment, wash system, ovens, conveyor.
    • Exercise good judgement in determining if the equipment is functioning properly and the materials are in good condition.  
    • Loading and unloading parts on the conveyor, part prep prior to coating, part protection and use of the various tools and supplies associated with the coating system are all part of this job. 
    High School Diploma or GED required
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