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    Work is tough, Key is tougher.

    In 1908, C.A. Lakin and Harry McKey had a vision to provide quality workwear for hardworking farmers and ranchers of America’s Great Plains. They began the Lakin-McKey Manufacturing Company in Kansas, establishing a household brand that started with a pair of bib overalls at a great value. In 1938, the founding family of Oshkosh B’Gosh purchased Lakin-McKey and shortened the name to KEY.
    Key built its reputation on manufacturing “The Nation’s Finest” work clothes. Key has maintained the quality and value that were of utmost importance to its founders, but also has adapted to the changing needs of today’s consumer. Key designs and produces apparel for men, women & children. The Key family of brands include Polar King clothes for extreme conditions, Key and Key FR (fire-resistant) workwear, and Performance Comfort line of jeans.

    Throughout the past century, Key and its employees have dedicated their lives to providing honest people with the very best clothing. They now look to the future as they continue innovating and providing you with clothing that aims to fit your lifestyle, both on and off the job.




    Distribution Center Employee
    Category: Transportation and Warehousing
    KEY Apparel is a clothing company located in Fort Scott, Kansas.  Key’s focus is on work, industrial and outdoor related apparel.  Key is searching for Warehouse Employees to join our team at our Distribution Center located in Ft Scott, KS.    We need ambitious and hardworking individuals who can pay careful attention on the job, follow instructions precisely, and double-check his or her work ...read more
    Contact: Jill Schafer
    Phone:(620) 223-2000
    Web Specialist - Coordinator
    Category: Internet and New Media
    KEY Apparel is a clothing company located in Fort Scott, Kansas, focused on creating high quality work, industrial and outdoor related apparel.  KEY is searching for a Web Specialist - Coordinator to join our team whose focus will be maintaining and monitoring KEY’s e-commerce platforms to support its direct to consumer and internet retail related businesses.  This position will interact and ...read more
    Contact: Jill Schafer
    Phone:(620) 223-2000