• SBA Disaster Relief Loan

  • Needing to apply for an SBA Disaster Assistance Loan? The SBA website is often down because of high volume so it is recommended to complete the forms, which can be found on the Bourbon County website here: http://www.bourboncountyks.org/covid-19/

    SBA LINK TO APPLY FOR ASSISTANCE:  https://www.sba.gov/funding-programs/disaster-assistance

    Even if you have not been in business a year or longer, you are STILL eligible.

    Don't let those questions on the forms scare you (or the one part that says you have to be in business one year or more!). You ARE eligible and you SHOULD apply according to the SBA.



    Business will need to complete/submit all of the following forms:


    1. If a Sole Proprietorship: SBA Form 5C; If any other format (S-Corp, LLC, C-Corp, etc.): SBA Form 5
    2. SBA Form P-019
    3. SBA Form 413D for all owners
    4. IRS Form 4506-T
    5. 2019 Tax Returns for the business AND all owners. If those have not been filed yet, Profit & Loss Statements and Balance Sheets for 2019 and 2020 YTD.
    6. SBA Form 2202
    7. SBA Form 1368