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    USD 234 Meal Sign-up Update 4/2/2020


    (UPDATED 04/02/20)

    Help us Help You. We need our families to register to pick up meals. This provides us better
    information to help us prepare for the numbers being served. You will need to fill out a form
    for each day.

    Where to Register?
    www.usd234.org or call the district office 620-223-0800

    For Monday, April 6th Meals – Deadline is noon, Friday, April 3rd - Complete form for April 6
    For Tuesday, April 7th Meals – Deadline is noon, Monday, April 6th - Complete form for April 7
    For Wednesday, April 8th Meals – Deadline is noon, Tuesday, April 7th - Complete form for April 8

    Questions we will be asking:
    1. Will you be picking up meals?
    2. Where will you be picking up meals?
    3. How many children aged 1-18 will you be picking up meals for?
    4. Adult contact name?
    5. Adult contact phone number?

    This form should take you no longer than 1 minute to fill out. We need you to complete the form for each day you will be picking up meals.

    Distribution Schedule

    USD 234 will be doing three (3) distributions the week of April 6th. Children will receive the same amount of meals for the week but will pick them up over 3 days. We will need you to register for each day.

    Monday – Child will receive 2 meals per child

    Tuesday – Child will receive 4 meals per child

    Wednesday – Child will receive 4 meals per child

    Call or email Kerrie at 620-223-0800 or kerrie.wilson@usd234.org

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