• Mural Project - 1st KS Colored Infantry

  • Celebrating the 1st Kansas Colored Infantry! 

    Upcoming New Mural in Downtown Fort Scott!

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  • Future Home of the Mural...


  • Artist Announcement took place on Juneteenth 2023...

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  • Help bring a Fort Scott story to life!

    Together we can honor the legacy of the first Kansas African American infantry. Make your tax-deductible gift today!

    Many people are unaware of Fort Scott’s significance in the Civil War. Our local historic site served as the home base for the 1st KS Colored Infantry. Join our Downtown Division of the Chamber, as they lead a project to bring a mural to our community in remembrance of these brave men who were sworn in on the Fort Scott Parade Ground on January 13, 1863.

    This historic mural will be located on the north side of Jerry and Judy Witt’s historic, Star Clothing building, and faces the National Historic Site across Skubitz Plaza. A request for proposal was open to KS, MO, AR and OK artists to submit their design for the mural project from April through the end of May and the winner was announced June 19th.

    Governor Laura Kelly recently announced that the Chamber Foundation matching grant application was selected as one of the communities to receive funding for our public arts project. We were awarded $5,250 and we are required to match that dollar amount with our own fundraising efforts. Any additional money that we raise will go to cover signage to tell the story of the mural project.

    Take Part

    We have an extraordinary opportunity for you to contribute to this meaningful cause. Your participation goes above and beyond monetary support; it's a testament to your commitment to our community and the values we stand for. 

    Donations are received by the Fort Scott Area Chamber Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization. The Chamber Foundation partners with the Chamber of Commerce to develop programs associated with professional development, community service, community development, beautification, and much more.

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