• COVID-19 Business Feedback - Support Form

    Community leaders are meeting daily to discuss needs of the businesses and community. Complete this form as often as needed to report any status updates of your business or needs you may have.
    Format: M/d/yyyy
    If you have any needs regarding employment for either hiring, assistance with unemployment, or otherwise, note those here.
    If you have needs for loans or grants to maintain business operations, note those here.
    If your employees are having issues with childcare, note those here.
    If you need services from our local healthcare entities for your business/employees related to COVID-19 note those here.
    Is your business aware no more than 50 in a gathering?
    Is your business sending home non-essential employees?
    Is your business practicing social distancing?
    Is your business checking employee temps?
    Are there any resources you have to offer others in the community that might be helpful to know about, or ideas you have for the betterment of the community during this time?
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