• Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors 2023

    The Board of Directors of the Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce is comprised of three divisions: Business Resource & Workforce Development, Downtown and Member Relations.  In addition, the Bourbon County E-Community Program, of NetWork Kansas, is administered by the Chamber. 

    The Board of Directors consists of 15 members serving three-year terms in three classes of five members and ex-officio members, including a representative from Bourbon County, City of Fort Scott, Fort Scott Community College, USD-234, and USD-235. 

    The Board of Directors is the government and policy-making body of the Chamber of Commerce. It authorizes the program of work, approves the budget, controls its property, receives and acts on committee and staff recommendations and directs the general operations of the Chamber. 

    The Executive Committee acts for and on behalf of the Board of Directors when the Board is not in session, but is accountable to the Board of its actions. It is composed of the Chairman, Past-Chairman, Chairman-Elect, Division Chairmen, Bourbon County REDI Representative, Treasurer and the President & CEO. The Chairman serves as head of the Executive Committee.

  • Executive Committee

  • Katie_Casper
  • Past Chairman of the Board
    Katie Casper
    Union State Bank
    Business Resource &
    Workforce Division
    Class of 2025-2nd Term

  • Payton_Coyan
  • Bourbon County REDI
    Payton Coyan
    Individual Member
    Business Resource &
    Workforce Division
    Class of 2025-2nd Term


  • Colleen_Quick
  • Business Resource & 
    Workforce Div. Chair

    Colleen Quick
    Class of 2024-1st Term


  • General Board of Directors

  • Cathy_Bishop
  • Cathy Bishop
    River Room Event Center
    Downtown Division
    Class of 2023-1st Term


  • Rachel_French
  • Rachel French
    MyOneStop, LLC
    Downtown Division
    Class of 2023-1st Term


  • Matt_Harvey
  • Matt Harvey
    Fort Scott Rides
    Member Relations Division
    Class of 2025-2nd Term


  • Erin_Vann
  • Erin Vann
    Highway 3
    Business Relations &
    Workforce Division
    Class of 2024-1st Term

  • Ex-Officio Board Members

  • Ex-officio-Destry_Brown
  • Destry Brown