• LEAD Bourbon County Application/Registration Form

    LEAD Bourbon County is a program organized by the Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce designed to develop and engage the leadership skills of potential and current leaders through exposing participants to diverse aspects of our local community. Resources of the KLC (Kansas Leadership Center) are utilized for the curriculum as well as guest speakers which often include a tour of a local business or community attraction. The program will run October 2019 through May 2020.

    Tuition for the program is $325 plus a $50 materials fee which must be paid by the deadline for registering for the 2019-20 session which iis October 10, 2019. Payment to the Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce may be made by check, credit card or cash. Tuition may be paid personally by the applicant, or by the applicant's employer.

    We appreciate your interest in the program by completing this application/registration form. Once we receive your information we will be in touch with you soon.
    Format: M/d/yyyy
    List recent volunteer activities in reverse chronological order beginning with current commitments. Include business, community and civic, religious, government, social, athletic, or other volunteer involvement.*
    I am aware of the time requirements of the LEAD Bourbon County program and will attend all scheduled sessions. *
    My employer has approved my absence from work one Thursday per month as required by the LEAD Bourbon County program. *
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