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    About Us

    When Danny and Willa Ellis’ daughter, Kathy, passed away from breast cancer in 1997, the Ellis
    family was invited to a memorial event at Blue Valley High School where Kathy had taught.
    Listening to her students, her colleagues, friends, and family speak at the event, the Ellis family
    realized how much of a difference Kathy had made in the lives of so many students – including
    those who needed support, guidance, and a hand up not a handout.

    Twenty-six years later, The Ellis Foundation now facilitates sponsorship of over 350 new college scholarships per year in thirty states. They currently support over 1,000 students enrolled full- time in college. Since they awarded their first three scholarships in 1998, they have given away over $25,000,000.00 to assist deserving young high school seniors in becoming productive citizens in society. With no administrative fees charged to the donor, students receive the full amount of your donation, providing each student more funds for their education.

    The Foundation preserves Kathy’s dedication to making a real difference in students’ lives, not only by providing financial peace of mind but also through in-depth guidance and an exceptional
    support program for every student.