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    One of the most unique things about living and working on a dairy farm is that the chores have to be done 365 days a year, morning and night, rain, snow, sleet, shine or sick or vacation or wedding or funeral. Cows don't take a break and need to be fed and milked EVERY DAY!

    We have built a new milking facility that includes robotic milkers!! Our first day in our new milkbarn was on 9/20/2017! Our cows have been voluntarily milking 24 hours a day ever since! We utilize this technology to better manage our operation. Our cows are free to go wherever they want. They can either eat feed at the feed bunk, drink water from one of our 6, 10 waterers, or lay down in one of the 186 freestalls that have sand bedding, or socialize in any of the 3 pens or come into the barn to get milked! This allows our cows the freedom to set their own schedule and develop their own routine. We have seen an increase in production since moving from our old milking parlour and the cows voluntarily get milked almost 3 times per day. We currently have 3 Lely robotic milkers, but built our barn for 4 so that we would have room to grown our numbers. We are usually milking between 165 and 175 cows. Our current production is typically almost 10 gallons per cow per day! We are proud cooperative members of Dairy Farmers of America! They gaurantee a place to sell our milk! Most often, our milk has been shipped to a Hiland Dairy plant in Springfield, Missouri. We take pride in being able to provide a quality wholesome product to help feed the world.


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