• Regional Incentives

  • Small Business Development

    The KSBDC in Southeast Kansas is a REGIONAL resource and support center for the small business person.  Any individual interested in starting a small business or existing small business firm may receive assistance from the KSBDC.  There are no charges for the services, however, there may be fees charged to cover costs associated with training courses.

  • Southeast Kansas Regional Planning Commission

    The goal is to improve the quality of life in southeast Kansas by providing the tools to create and retain jobs and increase the services available in your community.  To accomplish this goal, they offer professional development, planning and management services to local governments, and assist in the administration of local programs and projects.

  • Southeast Kansas Prosperity Foundation

    The revolving loan program is for both existing and startup businesses in the Southeast Kansas region. It is designed to partner with local and regional financial institutions to provide access to capital.

    For more information contact 620-235-4920.

  • USDA Rural Energy for America Program (REAP)

    The United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Agency helps finance the cost of renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvements for rural small businesses and agricultural producers. Grants and loan guarantees are available to help purchase, install and construct energy projects.

    For more information contact the USDA Rural Development office in Iola at 620-365-2901.