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    About Us

    Our Services Include:

    Family Planning - Breast Exam, Pap Smear, Lab Work, Sexually Transmitted Disease testing, Blood pressure screening, hemoglobin, blood sugar & birth control if desired.

    Immunizations - Walk-In Clinic is every Monday or you can schedule an appointment.

    KanBe Healthy Screening - For Kancare eligible children up to 18 years of age. Full physical, hear & vision screenings, developmenal screenings and lab work.

    Healthy Start Home Visitor - Provides home visits to pregnant mothers and parents of newborns. Provides parents with resources and referrals for various assistance programs they are eligible for.

    Adult Physicals - Basic adult physical provided by registered nurse for employment purposes. Physicals also provided for State of Kansas foster care or adoptions.

    Childhood Physicals - Physicals for public schools, daycares, Headstart or preschool. Full physical, hearing & vision screens, lab work. No Athletic Physicals.

    Blood Pressure & Glucose Checks - We will monitor blood pressure/blood glucose and keep a record for you.

    Pregnancy Tests - Provided for $15.00. Referrals to SRS, WIC, HSHV, and family doctor are provided.

    WIC - Women, Infant, & Children State Program to help promote the healthy development of children.

    SexuallyTransmitted Disease Testing & Treatment - We will test for and treat gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis.

    Lab/Blood Draws - Cholesterol, diabetes, drug screens, pregnancy, CBC, Thyroid, prostate. Lab tests are on a cash basis and with a physician order.


    • Family Planning
    • Immunizations
    • Adult & Child Physicals
    • Blood Pressure & Glucose Checks
    • Pregnancy Tests


    SEK Multi-County Health Department
    Staff in Bourbon County
    Rebecca Johnson, SEKMHD Director