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    Providing high quality care requires identification of not only the source of the pain, but the dysfunction that has resulted in the pain. If the primary dysfunction is not addressed, the problem is destined to return. At Hartman Spine & Joint, a thorough examination is performed to identify both where the pain is coming from and the originating dysfunction that initiated the problem. By identifying the original or primary dysfunction, Dr. Hartman is able to achieve faster, more effective and longer lasting results for you.

    Depending on your needs, examinations will involve any combination of the following: functional evaluation, orthopedic assessment, neurological examination, soft tissue assessment, joint motion palpation. Treatment involves cutting edge care such as: chiropractic manipulation, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization, mechanical diagnosis and therapy, functional rehabilitation, dry needling, soft tissue/myofascial therapy, cupping, kinesiotape, strength and conditioning, electric muscle stimulation, pneumatic compression sleeves, moist heat therapy.

    Functional medicine with Dr. Davis:
    -Explores the root cause of disease
    -Different approach to common conditions
    -Alternative care for patients still seeking answers
    -Views the body as whole
    -Helps you establish appropriate care by co-managing with other doctors

    What to Expect
    -In-depth history and examination
    -Time to fully explain your symptoms
    -Interpretation of previous lab results
    -New lab tests ordered
    -Complete explanation of results and causes of symptoms


    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Disc Injuries
    • Carpal Tunnel
    • Sports Injuries
    • Knee Injuries and more!


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