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    Fitness/Exercise Facilities

    About Us

    Fitness for everyone! Our mission it to build a well balanced, healthy and fully capable community!

    Beginner's classes offered throughout the year.

    We go over nine foundational movements and diagnose our athletes and find restrictions and teach them the movements they are capable of.

    Special events include the Murph Challenge, Fort Games, Day of the Lifting Dead and more!

    CrossFit packages are $90 for unlimited contracts, $80 for student unlimited and a 10 class punch card for children for $80.

    We are also all about supporting charity, we have collected canned goods for the Beacon Food Pantry, fundraise for Care to Share Cancer Support Group and others!

    Why Smallville? “Smallville is a small town in Kansas, where Superman grew up, Aaron was called Clark Kent/Superman while serving in the army. Lindsey was from Fort Scott, Aaron lived in Fort Scott for a while when younger.''


    • Fitness, Exercise & Strength Building
    • Individualized training based on ability
    • Summer Conditioning Program/Individualized Training
    • Special Events & Competitions
    • Come join us!


    Aaron & Lindsey Watts, Owners
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